Stampable Overlay

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Stampable Overlay

CSI Stampable Overlay transforms simple flooring into an appealing expanse of imprinted artwork. This product was created to bond with most structurally sound substrates and can be textured ¼ “to 5/8” thick with most standard imprinting tools for the illusion of authentic, hand-laid stone or brickwork. CSI Stampable overlay is a polymer-modified cement-based system that is mixed with clean water on the job site. CSI Stampable Overlay Primer diluted 1:1 with water is required as primer prior to application. CSI Stampable Overlay can be pre-colored or colored on site using a pre-weighed tint pack.


Stampable Overlay Products

Epoxy Primer

Helix Integral Color pigments are made from the highest grade of iron oxide pigment and meet or exceed ASTM C-979. They are available in a wide variety of standard colors. Custom colors and color matching are also available. Helix Integral Color is available in standard 25 lbs disintegrating bags for clean handling and fast batching. Small size packaging is also available.

Epoxy Bonder

Helix Epoxy Bonder is a two component, water reducible epoxy primer designed as an adhesion promoter between Helix cement-based overlay toppings or opaque coatings, and hard surface substrates. Helix Epoxy Bonder acts as membrane forming primer, at the same time penetrating the surface of the substrate to promote strong adhesion.

Repair Mortar Regular Set (RS)

Helix Repair Mortar Regular Set (RS) is a two-component, polymer-modified, cementitious product intended for renovating qualified surfaces prior to the application of subsequent coatings or products. Helix Repair Mortar Regular Set is designed for applications requiring reduced substrate porosity, increased bond strength and reduced alkaline material transfer due to its high concentration of synthetic polymers and high-strength cements.

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