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ChemSystems, Inc. offers a solvent-based penetrating and waterproofing sealer that will permanently seal, darken, and enhance the surface of decorative concrete and concrete pavers. Penetrating Color Enhancer SB penetrates deep into the surface forming a long lasting level of protection, even cutting through existing thin solvent-based acrylic film-forming sealers. Once treated, the surface repels water, oil, and other common sources of contamination to prevent staining while enhancing and darkening the color of the surface. Penetrating Color Enhancer SB is designed for use on colored concrete, stamped and textured and concrete pavers. This product is an excellent alternative to traditional film-forming acrylic sealers. As an added benefit, Penetrating Color Enhancer SB can be applied directly over existing solvent based acrylic film forming sealers and cure & seals. It will cut through the film, sealing the underlying substrate, at the same time reinvigorating the existing sealer film.

Benefits include increased service life by protecting surfaces against oil, gasoline and hydrocarbon-based fluids. Penetrating Color Enhancer SB not only enhances and preserves the color of concrete or pavers but is water resistant as well. Penetrating Color Enhancer SB will not peel, flake yellow or discolor over time and used for resealing projects provides a “wet look” without forming a film and looking “plastic. It is also an excellent alternative for use in resealing existing sealed decorative concrete.

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